Cristobal Balenciaga: Collector of Fashion

As a fashion addict, my wife, she took us to Cristobal Balenciaga exhibition in Tel Aviv museum of art.
Cristobal Balenciaga is born in Getaria in the Basque region, Spain on 1895. In 1917 he open his own couture house, Cristobal Balenciaga, in San Sebastián and later expend, opening branches in Madrid and Barcelona. In 1937, after the outbreak of the Spanish civil war, he close all three branches of his fashion in Spain. He sets up in Paris and open the House of Balenciaga. True the years Cristobal present collections with explicit historical references of 17th and 19th century fashion. In 1967, arrives at the highest level of abstraction with a wedding dress of ivory-colored Gazar, accompanied by a pyramid hat. In 1972, Cristobal Balenciaga dies in Javea, Spain.

Items that collected by Balenciaga for purposes of documentation and inspiration are donated to Galleria, musee de la Moda de la Ville de Paris.

Althouge i'm not an expert in fashion like my wife, but it was very interesting. 

Some of the collection:

And what we wore for the event: 

Skirt, Cardigan, Bag - Zara.                                          
Polka Dot Blouse - Mango.                                                
Sunglass - Michael Kors.

Pans, Cardigan, Moccasin, Belt - Zara Man.
Shirt - He By Mango.


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