Cafe Louise

Hello people,
Today I want to share with you some great restaurant that me, my wife and another couple visit on Saturday.
Everything start a mount and a half a go when I take picture of a pastry in the kurtush cafe in Jaffa and win a competition true Zap Rest Facebook page, 300 ILS to that amazing restaurant.
The restaurant located in Haifa but have another branches in the country.
The restaurant specialize in healthy food such as topu, low fat chess, lentil, even the dessert was with granola and tehina, according to experts it is very healthy.
The atmosphere at the restaurant is so nice and calm.. on the walls there are some art pictures and through the vitrine you can see green grass and trees. 

This is the winning photo:

Breakfast Treat

Cheese Kanafeh

Chicken Strip Sandwich

Couscous Salad

Classic Shakshuka Breakfast (Middle Eastern poached eggs and tomato dish) 

Wheat flour bun filled with ice cream and nougat coated granola milling Sedan

And if you ask yourself what we wore, so here is a "Friends" company of us:


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