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My Special Women B-Day!!!

Hello dear friends,
The last two weeks have been crazy, the day after my wife's birthday, she got to hospital.. but don't worry, now she's like new.  
What i want to tell you about is her birthday, not just a regular birthday, the cursed age 30.
I organized a picnic Birthday Celebration with our best friends, each contributing partially prepared one dish he loves. Her Best friend Liat made a gorgeous and delicious birthday chocolate cake with whipped cream and cylindrical.
Then I surprised her and took her to the Herods hotel in Tel Aviv design in thirties-style.
The room was luxurious bed and design by the same period. That evening we stayed in and ordered sushi and sparkling wine.
The next day we woke up and from the 15th floor balcony we could see the beauty of the city Tel Aviv and the marina full of yachts. Down to breakfast which was served in the dining room of the hotel that designed in the spirit of that period. The hour and a half to the next surprise we spent by the pool and then I spoiled my wife in the spa, including massages from head to toe.
After a short rest after the massage we left the hotel and my wife decided that she wanted to end the birthday with shopping. So we went to Zara.

First part of the day: 

The Herods Hotel:


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#CuriousInMoscow, Part 2

Hello Friends, 

This post is a little bit different, here you can see the map of my second day in Moscow,

The morning I start by leaving the hotel (A) and waking to the Patriarch's Pounds (B). It's basically a green area in the middle of a populated area. Very beautiful and peaceful place.

This day I eat breakfast at I Love Cake cafe (C), for main course I ate a bread with cream, salmon, spinach, avocado and tomatoes. And for dessert, a tiramisu with blueberries.

After a good meal, I start a good walk, all the way to the Arbat street (D) and took a very nice and colorful walk along the street. Someway in the middle of the street I found a very cool place with different type of rooms for children and adults, I chose to go to one of them, called Imagination Room.

#OOTD December 12, 2014

Hello Friends,
Yesterday was a long day, it starts with a Coffee and Creme Brulee donuts at the Ramat Aviv Mall after a breakup party. Then my wife and I decide to spend some quality time only just the 2 of us

We start it with a breakfast at the Rothsild Hotel, a unique building that have been restored by the Municipality  The restaurant has an amazing design in and out side

Then we took a walk on the Shenkin street, this street have great stores, from home styling through designers cloths and restaurants

Instagram Uploads - Vol. 5

Hello Friend,
It's been awhile since my last post, and here are some photos from my Instagram account @ireysher , Go follow.
1. As part of my job I travel in the country, this view was taken in the north, on a windy day.
2. Breakfast at Cafe Noir , you should try if visiting in Israel. Wearing Zara Shirt and Vest.
3. Meeting Outfit, Wearing Zara Trench Coat and Pant, Yohzi Yamamoto Glasses.
4. New Years 2016 Party.
5. My OlloClip for iPhone 6S Fish Eye Lens.
6. New Wardrobe by my Wife from Madrid.
7. Meeting Outfit, My New Coat from Zara.
8. Breakfast at La Repubblica Di Ronomotti
9. It was a very cold morning, Wearing all from Zara.
10.  New Beard Care Kit.
11. The sun is out, it was a few hot days in the middle of February. 
12. Meeting Outfit on Sunny Day, Shirt from Uniqlo, Sneakers from Converse.