Driving the Giulietta


The third day to our trip has come, and today we leaving the city of naples, and driving south, to the Amalfi Coast. 

The car was resting for 3 days and I really miss to drive our Giulietta. 

On our way to the coast we decide to visit the ruins of Pompeii, it wasn't special to us because in Israel we have some ruins of our self  but base on that, that the volcano destroyed the city it was interesting. 

After a quick visit we were again on the road, and of course as on all main roads there was a traffic jam, because of our experience and a GPS on our side we decide to take an byroad, and discover nice town with great view.

As all tourist we decide to pull over and take some pictures, unlike the ruins, that view we don't have in our country.

From here the road to Positano was Curvy and narrow but with amazing view of endless sea. 

We Are Wearing:
Igal: Shirt fome Massimo Dutti, Shorts from Zara, Shoes from Adidas.
Maya: Shirt and Shorts from Zara, Shoes from Pull&Bear.

After some issues to find our hotel in Positano, we did it. Quick shower and we go to the town for travel and dinner.

After a short trip to the town we settled on the from raw to the beach to eat a dinner at the CHEZ BLACK restaurant.

Did you know:

Positano is a village and comune on the Amalfi Coast (Costiera Amalfitana), in Campania, Italy, mainly in an enclave in the hills leading down to the coast.
Positano has been featured in several films, including Only You (1994), and Under the Tuscan Sun (2003), as well as being mentioned in the 2009 musical film Nine in the song "Cinema Italiano".


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