Lemon Town

Hi friends,

Sorrento is our destination today.
Relation to the previous towns that we visit, this one is the most modern. 

In our way we pass this classic cars that arrive from Germany. 


The small streets of sorrento got many little stores that sale every thing from leather accessories to Souvenirs from all kind. 
The people of sorrento specialize in the making of Limoncello, due to that all the souvenirs decorated with lemons. 

In the Church of San Francesco was a weedind that day and the bride come in carriage.

Basilica di San Antonino


The highlight of the tour was one souvenir shop that sale these dolls, 

There We Fund the Doll Of The Mad Hatter

Afternoon when rain began to fall we leave Sorrento and drive almost two hours to the western town on the Amalfi coast, Cetara. In this town invented the Anchovy
Every thing was all ready close but we came to have dinner, and that is what we do In Acqupazza Restaurant. 

What We Are Wearing:
Igal: Shirt and Shorts from Zara, Shoes from Adidas.
Maya: Overall, T-Shirt and Sweater from Zara, Shoes from Pull&Bear.


  1. Dont post shoty photos like in the end here.


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