3rd Wedding Anniversary

Hello Friends,

Today is a special day, my wife and I celebrating our 3rd Anniversary, and for that I want to share with you our wedding photos. The concept for the photos came from the story of Alice in Wonderland.

The preparation for that day wasn't easy, and I'm not talking about finding place, groom suit, bride dress and other wedding preparation. I'm talking about finding all the accessories to make the perfect Alice in Wonderland concept.
For the illustration of the big flowers after that Alice drink the potion we bought 2 big flowers, red and white color. We rented the flamingo statue, and sewed map with cards sings.

For the tea party we bring Tea set with printed hearts on it, tray with glass dome filled with marshmallow and small cupcakes. 

To diversify a bit with photos my wife comes with another idea, to use balloons in pastel colors



  1. Molto belle le foto! Quella del tea party in cui siete in 6, mi ricorda Alice nel paese delle meraviglie. :-)

  2. gorgeous pics!!!
    congrats for anniversary!!

  3. with you all the happiness and joy of the world! you got a greay blog btw!

  4. I love the fresh photos!!!! Best wishes!!! xxx


    1. Thank you very much, you have great blog of your own.


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