It's Not a Goodbye

Hello Friends,

Saturday night was a very special day, my wife's best friend leaving the country for living in USA, so we use the opportunity to celebrate it in high class restaurant.

We have dinner at Herbert Samuel Herzelia, , the restaurant located at the Rich Carlton Hotel and managed by the chef Jonathan Roshfeld, one of the judges at Master Chef Israel.

The restaurant design very classy with white dividers, it gives a feeling as if we are alone in a restaurant.

One more thing, It's not goodbye because we are coming in SEPTEMBER 2014!!! 

For starters we order,
  • Salmon tartar with Tamago

  • Tomato Salad "Herbert Samuel"

  • Yellowtail Tataki, Garlic and Roasted peanuts in soy

For the main course we ordered,

  • Gnocchi with mushrooms and chestnuts

  •  Pici Anatra - Tuscan lamb ragout

  • Grouper fillet, fresh turmeric and tomato

And this is the Dessert,


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