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Market Day

Hello friends, 

From the beginning, when I began to date my wife she always said that she not the kind of people who cook, and instead she prefers a good restaurant.
When we got married she wanted to meet the expectations and began to cook, but her real passion came following reality shows like Master Chef. 
And now, she really enjoy to cook new dishes. 

Friday was dedicate to discover our new culinary taste.
My wife and I decide to visit the first covers market at the Tel Aviv Port.

The market was established to answer the growing demand for daily access to high quality fresh and seasonal produce.

What I'm Waring:
Pants from Massimo Dutti
Shirt from Zara
Sneakers from Pull and Bear
Sunglasses from Bottega Veneta


  1. Nice shots! Would love to visit Tel Aviv one day!

    Walking, Talking Style
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  2. Such a nice market, looks like good stuff :)


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