689 Fifth Ave Collection, Massimo Dutti NYC

Hello Friends, 

Since Massimo Dutti had it first store in Israel my wife always tell me to buy my clothes there. It was several years ago, I was younger and it doesn't fit my financial status. 
Now Massimo Dutti have 2 stores in the country and I belive that is not the end. 
Over the years I gave up to my wife's wish and start to buy at the store, especially after visiting Barcelona in the sale season and buying great stuff at Massimo Dutti. 
Recently Massimo Dutti open they flagship store at the 689 Fifth Ave in New York city with its unique collection that sold only there.
As a fashion lover, it was only a matter of time that I want to buy something from that collection. 
I can't buy clothes online and not able to try them, So I had to settle with an accessory, and because I love so much coffee, I decide to purchase the take away hot cup holder. 
Send it to Israel was another problem, but it was easy to reinforce.
Well i think that it is not my last item from their collection, since we will be there is October.   


  1. stylentonic ConstantinosMay 9, 2014 at 1:30 PM

    Super gadget! xxx


  2. Lovely accessory !!



  3. Good choice Igal for this accessory !!!! Kisses,



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