La Boqueria

Hello Friends, 

The second morning we decide to start at the old quarter of Barcelona, Barri Gòtic. So after a quick coffee break (that was the worst that I ever try! apparently they are only good at preparing sangria), we start a magical walk at the small streets of the quarter.
The most amazing in this quarter is that every street has it owe unique stores, style and environment.
First stop was at an amazing bakery with all kind of delicate, I chose to try the one with mango and chocolate cream. Then out of nowhere right near the bakery there was an magnificent candle shop. That shop we visit in 2009 for the first time, and on 2012 we forget where it's located and can find it. Imagine what joy it was when we found the shop again.
The old quarter contiguous to the colorful Rambla street and on one of its alley situated the La Boqueria market.
In this market you can find all kind off food, seafood, fruits, spices, drinks, pastry and vegetables. We specially enjoy from the cherry, raspberry and the mix fruit in plastic cups.

What we Wearing:
Shirt and T-Shirt from Springfield
Pants, Shoes and Backpack from Zara
All From Zara
Shoes from Adidas

That day was actually my birthday, so at evening we go to an amazing restaurant in Barcelona called Shoko.
This restaurant is our favorite place in Barcelona and we visit there all the times that we come to vocation. 
The menu is so diverse and the sangria is so tasty.
The best thing that in midnight this restaurant become a Club.



  1. Looks like you had a fun day. Love the cute doggie shirt you got on :)

    ♥ Gita @


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