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Land of Wonder

Hello Friends,

My wife and I love the story of Alice In Wonderland, to all those who missed (see my post from April 2014 - We're All Made Here).

So when we travel to USA we expected to find some things related to the story, but non of us realize that we will found something so beautiful and unique. 

First we found that Water Globe of the Queen Of Hearts, basically it's a Musical Globe, we bought in Los Angles, Walk of Fame.

After the great journey in Las Vegas, we drive with our friends to San Diego, and on the side of the road we stop in Peggy Sue's 50s Diner . That place was magical, like in the Hollywood films. There we found the Alice In Wonderland Teapot. 

All the things we're looking for of Alice in Wonderland is based on the Jim Shore collection.
That's how we found the shop located at Pier 39 in Francisco, and from there is the statue of Alice with the taking flowers. The statue of Alice creates in 3000 copies and we have the 301 out of 3000.



  1. Awesome share dear and lovely pictures!
    with love,

  2. Amazing pieces !!


  3. Love the photos, so cute!!! xx

    New post -->

  4. I loved that disney movie. I remember i was afraid of weird creatures in Alice in wonderland :-)
    cute pieces , makes you reminisce the good old days .
    nice post guys . and have a nice day

    New Look on Le Blog : ' MIXING & LAYERING '

    Greets JON


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