Instagram Uploads - Vol. 2

Hello Friends,

Sorry for not posting anything new during the last month.
It's that time of the year, until the weekend arrives, cold and dark outside.
So here is another Instagram review from my account, stay tune at @ireysher

(Clockwise from left to right)

1. My Outfit for Dinner with my Sister Family, Wearing all by Zara.
2. Waiting for the bus to Work, Wearing all by Zara.
3. This beautiful Maserati was standing outside my office.
4. Sunny morning on the way to work.
5. I miss San Francisco, so this was a TBT photo, the full review from our trip is on the blog, look for it at October/November 2014 posts.
6. My wife was a little depressed, so I took here to Reviva and Celia to eat the most delicious dessert ever!!! 
7. On my way to work, modeling my new Beard. Wearing Massimo Dutti Shirt and Zara Cardigan, Listening music in my Marshalls Headphones. 
8. One day it's cold, One day it's warmer. I Love the Autumn.
9. Another time at Reviva and Celia, on the weekend. 
10. Our travel the world Rubber Duck, it's time to think about the next Vocation, 
any Suggestions? 


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