It's Valentine

Hello Friend,

How are you all doing, How was your Valentine's day?
Well mine was Fantastic!!!

Valentine's Day has always been complicated in terms of purchasing gifts for those you love. You need to buy something special, to show how much you love him/her, but not something you can buy another event.

So this time I decided to buy my wife something she wanted for a long time, a bracelet from Pandora, I bought the Bangle with a heart clips and a Single black leather bracelet. 

Now you probably ask yourself what I've got, so first, my wife gave me a new Tattoo, this is for another post (Meanwhile my hand needs to be recover).
The second thing that I've got from wife is that amazing Rubber Duck from . 

When the weather was a little inclement, we had craving for some Lunch at Cafe Louise, a restaurant that specializes in healthy food.

We drink Tahini Smoothie.

I order the Louise Msabbaha - Spring chicken, chickpeas, onions, Tomato, tahini and cream beans on wholemeal taboon bread. 

My wife order the Kadaif goat cheese - Baked Kadaif with goat cheese filling and parmesan,  sesame seeds and mix with olive oil and flax Tsizik, on a bed of baby spinach leaves and balsamic vinaigrette.

As soon as the sun come out we took the opportunity and show our outfit, 

What We Wore:
Maya: All from Zara|Bracelet from Pandora.
Igal: Pants and Bag from Zara|Shirt from J.Crew|Jacket from Massimo Dutti, Sneakers from Adidas.


  1. pANDORAS BOX is indeed a great gift! you got taste my friend :-)
    my vday was more about blogging...i went shooting outside so Im dropping a post-valentine article
    great look! love the yellow jacket man.

    Latest look on Le Blog : ' Jon for FOH APPAREL '

    Greets Jon


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