Polka Dot Theme Party

Hello Guys,

It's becoming a tradition that each year I organize to my wife a special private birthday party with unique theme.

This year I chooses her favorite print - The Polka Dot.

I search the web to get some inspiration and if you like to do it also just Google polka dot birthday party. 

I believe that each country/city you live in you can find a special store for birthday decorations.
Now with internet revolution, you can order everything online directly to your home.

Not all the decoration available in stores, so here is your time to be creative. 

Some ideas:

1. Make your own Birthday Card, take 3 or more colors of Bristol paper, one will be the base and from the others cut many small circles and paste it on the exterior side of the card.

2. Photo booth background, print many black or colorful circles of 7 cm diameter, connect them on a string with fixed spreads and hung them on the wall.

3. Happy Birthday sing, once you can make your own sing by buying some colorful Bristol paper and use the same technique as the birthday card or search the web for free printable birthday sing

Sometimes, it's impossible to find it all in one store, don't give up, keep searching! it pays off.

What I'm Wearing:
Shirt from J.Crew | Pants from Zara | Sneakers from Adidas Originals 


  1. Helder Pereira CoelhoApril 19, 2015 at 2:15 PM

    Love it! Great pics


  2. Love the photography great images buddy! ;)


  3. stylentonic ConstantinosApril 24, 2015 at 4:13 PM

    LOVE IT! Happy belated birthday to your wife! xxx


  4. This look is so good on you! I absolutely love the colors of the Looks

  5. polka dots are great! and so easily versatile :)



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